Want to innovate and grow your business. team, leadership?

Want to expand your thinking?

Gwenn has 4 primary solutions

#1 'The "Growth Strategy Day" (The Face To Face Solution)

Face to face, just you and I, over a day.

Here's what you will learn:-

  • How you are getting your current results - what empowers and what limits you.
  • What are the specific results that you want for the future
  • What will be your strategy
  • What will have to change in your psychology and mindset to achieve these results
  • What will be your new strategic objectives
  • What will be the key elements of your plan to achieve your objectives &
  • How to create an exciting and inspiring new strategy for you to take your business to the next level.

This is ideal if you run a medium or small business or lead any team. Gwenn doesn't have any answers - just a facilitated process and lots of questions to help you expand your thinking.

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#2 Biz Results (The Online Solution)

BizResultsAcademy is a five week challenge to help you

  • get clear on what it is you want,
  • anticipate possible obstacles,
  • figure out your strategy,
  • master world class productivity principles and
  • significantly increase your influence and relationships to enhance the profitability of your business

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#3 ‘The High Performance Accelerator’ (The Executive Coaching Solution)

Over a three, six or twelve month time-frame, Gwenn helps business owners radically improve their personal performance and output because she has spent the last 25 years studying the core principles of high performance & knows what the ‘needle movers’ are.. Suitable for successful business owners plus corporate clients who want to step up their performance significantly..

Some of the clients I have personally worked with include Unilever HQ, Unilever Research, Lever Brothers, Diversey Lever, Birds Eye Walls, ICI, Yorkshire Water, DTZ property, Kimberley Clark, BNFL, IBM and Deloitte.

#4 The ''Team Strategy Day' (The Team Solution)

Want to take your team to the next level?

Take a day 'out' of your business to work 'on the business.

  • Understand your teams' current strategy - how you are achieving your current results
  • Identify obstacles that may hinder the teams' growth
  • Collectively generate a new strategy for the future
  • Determine what needs to change within your teams 'culture' to achieve that new strategy
  • Decide on your strategic objectives and create a plan etc

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