About Gwenn

About Gwenn

Gwenn Clayton is the founder of the online training programme Biz Results Academy and creator of the 'Growth Strategy Day'.

Biz Results Academy and 'Growth Strategy Day' help support business owners and entrepreneurs achieve new & better results so that they can have more success in their business & personal lives.

Her passion for working with business leaders to achieve new results began back in 1992. Back then, as one of the very first executive coaches in the UK she had the rare priviledge of introducing the unknown concept of one to one coaching into the business world.. Imagine that!

She has worked with hundreds of individuals over the years in both major multi-national organisations and smaller and medium sized enterprises helping them to define what new results they want and facilitating them to achieve those results. Over the following years she was instrumental in supporting her outstanding mentors and fellow coaches Lisa Charlton & Sandy Mc Dowell build Amadeus International into a significant player in the leadership & talent development field.

She has worked with executives in companies such as Unilever HQ, Unilever Research, Lever Brothers, Diversey Lever,Birds Eye Walls, ICI, Yorkshire Water , DTZ property, Kimberley Clark and IBM to name a few. Assignments have been as far flung as Europe and the US.

She is passionate about entrepreneurship and its’ importance in creating positive change for the good of all and is particularly admiring of start ups. Indeed her first real job was as part of the team of a professional FMCG start up, producing both branded and own label products for retailers throughout the UK (Boots and the Co-op). That followed with a number of years working in Asda, (now Walmarts) food marketing department in its head office in the UK,

She has also been at the steering wheel of two other small companies, both of which, despite considerable impact in their market unfortunately were ahead of their time. Her husband and many of her friends are also passionate about entrepreneurship too.

Biz Results Academy, designed for entrepreneurs, is the result of years of experience borne from her passion for business, entrepreneurship, high performance, and leadership development and the realisation that when you are not getting the results you want and don't know what to do, it is the ability to change the thoughts and actions of the leader that is the turning point.

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