“Gwenn Brannigan inspires individuals to achieve goals beyond their expectations. She provides tools to turn dreams into reality in both the business and personal spheres.”

Barbara Shearer - Professional Relations Director at Colgate Palmolive (Barbara was Gwenn’s client whilst working at Unilever Reseach)

“I am very pleased to be able to recommend Gwenn for the excellent way she helped me to achieve my goals. Her high performance coaching showed me new ways to approach problems to find creative solutions. She has an intuitive approach that gets to the heart of issues while providing an environment and insights which stimulate creativity. In everything she does, she shows a high level of commitment and integrity focussed on meeting her client’s needs. ”

Jim Darwent - Professor at University of Liverpool Linked In

“I've known Gwenn as an executive coach since 1998. I highly recommend her. Gwenn is friendly and upbeat, however underneath beats the heart of a very focused coach, intent on facilitating the very best strategies and action towards your goals. Her strong listening and questioning skills allow for clients to come to their own realisations, resulting in fresh thinking, approaches and outcomes. I strongly commend her to you.”

Alistair Mc Pherson - Founder - Trinity Consulting Group Linked In

On "Innovation, Growth & You" - 8 Steps To Innovate and Grow Your Business ( Speaking & Workshops)

"The Local Enterprise Office Cork North & West ran a network afternoon in January 2017, with keynote speaker Gwenn Clayton. Gwenn spoke about: "2017, Innovation, Growth and You - 8 Steps To Greater Innovation".

Her presentation was very well received by those in attendance and the feedback has been very positive from our clients. Gwenn’s delivery was clear, concise and creative. I could definitely recommend Gwenn as a keynote speaker for a networking event as she has the ability to get clients to network also. I would also recommend Gwenn to cover training/mentoring in relation to Innovation. She takes the fear out of the word which a lot of people associate with large multinationals. Using 8 simple steps, she explains how any sized business, regardless of the sector, can approach Innovation for their business, which in turn will benefit their business."

Christine Heffernan Business Adviser

"Beyond brilliant! Gwenn's knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for innovation is contagious.  An invigorating boost of insight, as well as practical tools for growth (for my business). Thank you."

Linked InSinead Moynihan
Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Founder of Special Yoga Cork 

On Gwenn’s Ebook - “The Smartest Goals Formula”

“I would have told you I had clear goals, but as a result of the tools I saw they were not nearly as tight as they need to be if I want to quickly build my dreams".

E. Alana James - Founder of Doctoral Academy Linked In

“I would highly recommend this process to think through any task that is important to you but may seem unattainable."

Myriam Cronin - Manager of Gateway Incubation Centre University College Cork Linked In

"The discipline of working through the steps and key questions in the Smartest Goals process brings exceptional clarity and focus allowing me to achieve much more in a shorter time than I hertofore thought possible. I would highly recommend this approach to anyone who wishes to achieve..."

Helen O' Dowd - FoodByHelen.com Linked In

On Growth Strategy For Business Owners / Teams

" I have worked with Gwenn and she is excellent in working and helping people to innovate their thinking and grow their business and developing a growth strategy for their business.  She is highly talented in her subject matter and I would certainly recommend her to any business owner to assist in developing business growth strategy. We regularly work with SME’s & Entrepreneurs in innovation and Gwenn is an excellent fit for same."

Cormac Fitzgerald  FCPA - Past President CPA Ireland Linked In

“Gwenn always sees the big picture! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to move their business and thinking to the next level.”

Helen O' Dowd - FoodByHelen.com Linked In

"In consulting Gwenn for input and advice on my business I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She expanded my thinking in many ways from product offering to strategic direction.

She was able not only to draw from her own experience but also empathized easily with me and my specific needs.

Her ability to help me focus my thinking allowed me gain clarity to guide my business decisions. Gwenn emphasized the merit is testing to find out what works and what doesn’t work. She also brainstormed with me on tactics to engage the right people and organizations....

Gwenn’s amazing energy is infectious. Her passion for what she does and her desire to help others is clearly evident. I would highly recommend Gwenn’s counsel to help you explore, reframe and inject new life into your business".

Angela Duffy - Managing Director Notions Apart Linked In

"I saw & heard Gwenn speaking at a conference and was so inspired by her message, knowledge and intuition that I introduced myself and this led to several meetings. I can honestly say that Gwenn gently, but firmly, pushes you to really look at what you want and this leads to the big picture thinking of where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Gwenn’s videos are informative and really make you take action too. Thank youGwenn. I look forward to further ‘big thinking’ coaching sessions to assist me in my business growth."

Denise Devlin - Founder & CEO Positive Parties ‘Training With A Difference’ Linked In

On Biz Results Academy:
Gwenn has hit the nail on the head with her Biz Results Academy programme. There were so many things I needed to focus on and her videos put me right on track again."

Samantha Kelly -Tweetinggoddess and Founder of WIN  - the  Women's Inspire Network  Linked In

“Gwenn. Biz Results Academy is a life saver. It’s not just powerful, it's empowering. I have so much clarity and hope now for Kinsale Art Academy. I am reengaged , focussed, really optimistic about the future of my business and very grateful.”

Louise Mc Keown - Director,  Kinsale Art Academy (http://www.louisemckeonartist.com)

"Biz Results Academy isn''t just a fire-and-forget type bundle of videos where you're just another anonymous buyer. The support I received one-to-one from Gwenn over Facebook chat & phone in addition to the videos, was worth the asking price alone. Astute questions that cut to the heart of the blocking points for me and my business, along with one or two take-home ideas Gwenn gave me to ponder in relation to the exercises from the videos I was struggling to apply to my own situation." 

Bob Boles -  Systems Architect

"Wow. Fantastic!"

Rhea Monkhouse (www.velart.ie)

"Just completed module 1…..Brilliant!"  

Trudie Ni Chorai

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