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Yes! I Want To Start The 'Life Clarity 5 Week Challenge'.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are smart and successful in many parts of your life but you feel stuck in others.  All said, you know your life overall, could be better.  
  • The majority of your time each week, is focused on your career, work or family. You want however,  to feel you are making progress in other areas of your life as well. 
  • You would love to have a step by step method to help you think about your future and design your life. To determine what else might be possible. To create an exciting new vision for yourself. To have a clearer sense of direction.
  • You know, once you have greater clarity and direction for what's next, you will feel more driven than you are now. Also that  you'll be excited to invest your time and energy to make the changes you want happen. 
  • You are conscious of how easily the days and weeks are slipping by. You now want to figure out how to live your future to the full, not get to the end with a bunch of regrets.

If So, Join My 'LIFE CLARITY'  5 Week Online Challenge


 Here's What You Will Get:


#1  Deeper Insight and 'Aha's' About Your Life As It Is Today, So That You Can Work Out What's Key To The Future You Want.
You will get a crystal clear understanding about where you are in life right now, so that you can take charge and figure out what needs to change. (Think in terms of getting a helicopter overview).  Follow the steps and believe me, your new awareness on your life will highlight areas for change and new opportunities, that you may not even have thought about.
#2  A New, Exciting And Motivating Vision For Your Future
Once you have a really clear insight into your life today, you will then move to designing a new and unique vision for your future. One that will make you feel truly excited, highly motivated and fulfilled in the future.
You will learn the thirteen key areas you must pay attention to and, deep dive into each to create your own highly motivating vision. One that aligns with who you are and who you want to be in the future.


#3  Clarity On Your Purpose 
You will understand what it means to lead a life that is purpose driven.  You will get clear about your own unique purpose. And you will feel empowered and motivated to live a life that is purpose driven from now on.
(This module is a course in it's own right).
#4  A Plan For The Year Ahead & Clarity On What You Need To Be Doing To Achieve Your Life Vision
You will create a simple, doable and motivating plan, so that you can begin to take your life from where it is currently, to where you want it to be. As is said, when you fail to plan, you are actually planning to fail.


#5  Better Decision Making
You will now know what you should say  'yes'  to and what you should say 'no' to on a daily basis. Not only will you be doing more of the 'right things' you will be managing your time much more effectively.


#7 New Drive, Optimism and Empowerment
You will feel excited, optimistic and driven to move your life forward. No more feeling stuck. Frustrated. In a rut.  Now you will be really focused and moving into the future you want - week by week.
#8  A life, more aligned to the future you want
Now that you have tremendous clarity on what you would like your life to look like going forwards, and a clear and unique sense of purpose, you will be able to communicate much more effectively to others, your family, friends and colleagues, as you align your thoughts, words and actions with your new exciting plans.

You'll Also Get -

A copy of my book '8 Goal Setting Secrets Of High Achievers' so you can learn how to vastly increase your chances of achieving all your goals right from the start. A handy worksheet, so you can easily remember the key questions to ask yourself and two clear done for you examples too.

Did you know, the ability to seek 'clarity' is one of the top six 'needlemovers' high performers across the world have in common?

Here's What People Say About Gwenn 's Insights On Clarity

"Gwenn's course on clarity was fantastic. It allowed me to identify the gap between work I wanted to do and work I was stuck doing and then to make the critical changes I needed in my work and life. It's an important process to go through."

Haydn Shaughnessy,- Keynote speaker "The Future Of the World'. Ex Forbes Columnist on Innovation,  Blockchain,  Ecosystems and Digital Transformation. Co-Founder -Flow Academy. 

"Gwenn helped me to see myself and to understand what I am and what I can be.But she also gave me strategies and things to do to move to where I want to be. A revelatory experience."

Dr Tara Shine - Climate Change & International Policy Advisor to the UN, Governments, NGO's, the Elders & More. Co Founder of Plastic Free Kinsale. 

"I have just come from Gwenn's Life Clarity workshop and what an amazing and uplifting experience. I didn't know what to expect but within 20 minutes I had my first "Aha" moment where things started to make sense for me. After that everything I learned and discovered just seemed to build up like building bricks on a tall structure and when I got there, I had a panoramic view 360 degrees on my life as I want it to be and no longer as it was. Thank you Gwenn for facilitating such a magical very positive day. I have so much to take away with me, learned so much and will definitely implement".

Orla Kelly. Orla Kelly Book Publishing.


Frequently Asked Questions

#1  Who should take Gwenn's Five Week 'Life Clarity' Challenge?

You, if you identify and relate to the question 'Does this sound like you?' at the beginning of this page. Gender, profession, interests...none of that matters. You must simply want to stop feeling stuck and frustrated in life, get clarity on what could be possible, and design an exciting, motivating and new vision for yourself going forward.

#2. How is the course delivered?

Once you have purchased the five week 'Life Clarity' 5-Week Challenge, you will log in to the programme with your own unique account and password. The challenge is then delivered in five seperate modules. Each module is delivered a week apart. Once you have logged in, you will immediately be able to access the module for week one. A week later, the link to the second training module will arrive in your inbox. In total you will receive 5 modules, delivered over a five week period. 

#3 What happens each week?

The module for the week comprises of a number of short videos. ( 2 - 15 minutes) You will watch each video, sequentially. This is very important as each module takes you one step at a time through the process. Each module builds upon the previous module.

#4 Are there assignments?

Absolutely! At the end of many of the videos you will be asked to stop and answer one or a few questions. 

When you answer the questions and take the steps requested, that is what moves you forward. This is a highly practical step by step challenge designed to get you to deeply think about and generate new results in your life - quickly. The programme is not for philosophers! It's for doers!

#5 What happens if I fall behind?

You can take the programme at your own pace. Ideally do it in 5 weeks. But if that is not possible, do it at your own pace and wherever and whenever it suits you.

#6 Is there anything I need before I start?

If you already have a journal you may like to use it to record your notes and do your assignments. Or, you may prefer to buy a new journal so that you can keep all that you are about to learn and all your new insights, ideas and plans, in one place. That's all you'll need!


A little About Your Tutor

Hi, I'm Gwenn Clayton and since 1992, I've been helping people get clarity & put strategies into place to achieve what's next in their lives, teams or businesses. I've had the privilege of helping many people create change,  including leaders in companies like Unilever, IBM, Kimberley Clarke and Deloitte Consulting.

Getting clarity on what you want, is the very first step in any change process. Losing my own clarity for what is next in my life (see the video below) is what inspired me to create this 'Life Clarity Challenge' . You can learn a zillion strategies and tactics for how to  increase your performance - and I could teach you many that will be completely new to you - but without getting clarity on what you want next - nothing matters. Clarity is the foundation of all progress and you'll want to have it for your business, your team and your life!

Here's What Happened When I Lost My Own Clarity And How I Decided To Bounce Back...


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am so confident about the value of the content inside my 'Life Clarity 5 Week Challenge' that I'll return your money if you failed to get really clear about where you are in life right now, what your new vision is, your purpose, your plan and how you will maintain your focus to create the future you want.

Just email me at [email protected] 


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Yes, I Want To Start The 'Life Clarity 5 Week Challenge'.

"I’ve just finished week 1 of your Life Clarity Course (about 5 minutes ago!) – wow Gwenn, this is very professionally produced, very measured, nice tone, great content - brilliant. Can’t wait for the next one! What amazes me, is just about every word applies to me". V.S. United Kingdom


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